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It was a rainy and windy day. Not surely the best conditions for walking randomly through the street of a city I ‘ve never been before : Edinburgh.

I was travelling to Dundee from Glasgow, and it was fantastic for me to take an one day stay for visiting it. I love walking around the streets of a city I didn’t know and since long I ‘ve wished to visit.

Unfortunately, that day weather forecast said “Heavy rain and strong wind”, not the best for going outside of my hotel room and taking a walk.

“Come on, take courage and let’s go anyway…. I’m here only for half a day, I don’t know when another occasion could happen to come here again. I cannot stay in the hotel room”.

I went out without any particular destination, wandering through the grey and wet streets of the city, under the rain.

While wandering, I met with a narrow street, going upward, as for climbing a hill.  As I walked upward, the rain suddenly stopped and the wind opened the clouds, discovering some pieces of blue sky.

I was almost on the top of the hill, still in the dark of the long shadows created by some sunset rays, when a blaze made me blind ….my instinct told me to take my camera out from my wet backpack, no reason for that.

Suddenly, an architecture with colums appeared in front of me, with the strong light of sunset behind it. Among the columns, I saw a little point moving: it was a man opening his arms, as for hugging those sunrays that were suddenly blazing.

If I ‘d purposely tried to create that scene, I’m sure I’d not be able. The camera in my hands, the light, the columns, the man under them and his gesture….. everything was perfect.

It was the magic moment.

Calton Hill


Posted 24 April 2013 by Matteo in Architecture & Still Life, Colors, Emotions, People

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