The New Unicredit Tower and Gae Aulenti Plaza   1 comment

With its 231 meters high the “Unicredit Tower ” is the tallest building in Italy. The complex, designed by architect César Pelli (the same of “Petronas Towers” in Kuala Lumpur), is composed of a series of eco-friendly buildings arranged around a circular plaza, formerly called  the “Podium” and, since December 2012, the Plaza  “GAE AULENTI”, in honor of the  famous italian architect.

The three buildings are arranged in a semicircle around it, rising at several levels:
1. Tower Unicredit, has 35 floors and is 231 meters high, standing as the highest Italian building (the building has about 146 meters, plus 85 of the spire).
2. The Tower B, has 22 floors in about 100 feet high.
3. The Tower C, has 11 floors and is about 50 meters high.

The new Plaza  GAE AULENTI with circular diameter of 100 meters and 6 meters elevated from street level, is running among the skyscrapers designed by Cesar Pelli.
It ‘s already become a destination for families of Milan, thanks to various social and cultural initiatives. The square is a link between Corso Como and the Isola neighborhood, so that comes from its historical “isolation.”


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