The “Riva degli Schiavoni” – Venice   Leave a comment

The "Riva degli Schiavoni"
The “Riva degli Schiavoni”, a photo by Matteo Fini on Flickr.

The Riva degli Schiavoni waterfront is a monument of the city of Venice. It is located in the “Castello” district and extends along the Bacino of St. Mark’s Square in the stretch from the Paglia Bridge on the Rio di Palazzo, near the Doge’s Palace to the Rio of Ca ‘of God.
Dating back to IX century, the bank takes its name from the merchants from Dalmatia, who at the time of the Venetian Republic was also called “Slavonia” (Land of Slaves) and landed here with their merchant ships and they also had their market stalls. The bank was in fact an integral part of the commercial port of Venice and took on a considerable importance due to its proximity to St. Mark’s Square and the center of political power in Venice.


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