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Located on top of the mount, Erice (from the ancient greek hero named Eryx), was not a Greek colony, but was largely Hellenized. It was destroyed in the First Punic War (264 to 241 b.C.) by the Chartaginians, and from then on declined in importance.

Erice was conquered by the Arabs in 831 A.D. and ruled by them over 3 centuries until Norman conquest in 1167. Normans renamed it “Monte San Giuliano”. It was known as Monte San Giuliano until 1934.

There are two castles that remain in the city: “Pepoli Castle”, which dates from Saracen times, and the “Venus Castle”, dating from theNorman period, built on top of the ancient Temple of Venus, where Venus Ericina was worshipped.

According to legend, the temple was founded by Aeneas and it was well-known throughout the Mediterranan area in the ancient age.


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